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It’s Time to

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If you’re trying to manage Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C), discomfort is probably your “regular.” Even if you’ve tried over-the-counter or prescription treatments, you may still be suffering with constipation or not getting the kind of relief you want.

Finding a solution that gets you out of this cycle of discomfort is important. The first step to doing so is to talk to your doctor about what your treatment goal should be. Download our discussion guide or Poop Troop emoji keyboard to get the conversation started.

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The Struggle Is Real

CIC and IBS-C are common amongst adults—but finding relief is not. If you’re fed up with CIC or IBS-C, you’re not alone. In fact, many patients are resigned to their condition and have given up on the idea of it getting better.

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The impact on your emotional well-being, your physical health, and your productivity is too big to ignore.

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You don’t have to take this sitting down. Open up to your healthcare provider about your symptoms and their impact on your daily life.
A more productive conversation could lead to a better treatment plan.

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Uroguanylin (ˈyoŏrōˈgwänəˈlin) is a naturally occurring peptide that helps regulate the amount of fluid in the digestive tract. It’s a tough word to say and may be an even tougher concept to grasp. So, let’s go on a short tour of your bowels to break down what uroguanylin is and how it works.

  • After you eat, your body breaks down your food as it passes through the intestines.
  • Fluid plays an important role in this process. It helps your body absorb your food’s nutrients and create stool from the waste left behind. Not enough fluid may cause constipation, and too much fluid may result in diarrhea.
  • white Asics Indigo Online Sliders Blue Pool Now here’s where uroguanylin comes in. It’s a naturally occurring peptide that responds to the changes that normally occur within your small intestine to produce the appropriate amount of fluid needed for well-formed bowel movements.

    Give Your Poop Some Personality

    When you have constipation, how do you let your family, friends and doctor know what you’re going through—both physically and emotionally? It’s a difficult conversation to have. And sometimes words alone just aren’t enough.

    Introducing, the Poop Troop. It’s a series of animated poop emojis that help capture what you’re experiencing with your CIC or IBS-C. Use the group to determine treatment goals and have a more productive dialogue about your constipation with your doctor, or share them with friends to take your texts to a whole new level!

    Isn’t it time to confront your constipation and uncomfortable conversations?

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    Learn about a potential treatment option for adults experiencing CIC or IBS-C Kiomi Supplier Brown Lace Best Smart ups SpgqnT

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